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About Us

Founded by Abdi Ibrahim, IBRAHIM & Co is a beacon of excellence in professional skills training, boasting over 12 years of expertise. Our passion lies in transforming individuals into exceptional leaders and managers, navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the business world. Our Career Solutions, our core offering, encompasses a range of services designed to meet diverse client needs. From immersive Online Training Courses and personalised Bespoke Courses to dynamic In-Person Workshops, we take a holistic approach to skill development.

Strategic Collaborations define our commitment to businesses across the UK, where we collaboratively upskill their staff. Our bespoke courses are meticulously crafted to align with unique client requirements, ensuring a tailored and impactful learning experience. Beyond corporate engagements, we extend our expertise to universities, contributing to shaping the future workforce by training graduates on essential employment skills. IBRAHIM & Co stands as more than a training provider; we are your partners in progress, navigating the path to success through empowerment, skill crafting, and career shaping.

Why choose IBRAHIM & Co

At IBRAHIM & Co, we pride ourselves on delivering tailored training and development solutions that meet the unique needs of your organisation. Our expertise spans a wide range of industries, enabling us to provide bespoke training programmes that enhance the skills and competencies of your staff and leadership team. Whether you require in-person workshops or virtual courses, our flexibility in content creation and delivery ensures that you receive the highest quality training, customised to your specific goals. 

As a member of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we uphold the highest standards of professionalism and excellence. Choose IBRAHIM & Co to empower your team with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in today's competitive business environment.